philpost day

10am. saturday. manila.

j: that doctor’s appointment went faster than we thought! there’s usually a long line during saturdays.

a: i know, now what do we do? it’s too early for lunch.

j: well, we can walk around binondo… you know, i’ve never been to the post office building.

a: me neither. i’ve always wanted to go though.

j: so, let’s!

and because sudden free time should be used for spontaneity, we did.

the manila central post office building was designed by filipino architect Juan Marcos de Guzman Arrelano and was originally built in 1926. it was, however, severely damaged during the second world war and rebuilt in its original neo-classical style in 1946.

mamang kartero

the magnificent columns which line the building's facade

rows of windows on the ground floor

blue mailboxes!

there was an exhibit of old stamps and envelopes

stairs leading to the upper floors

feels like heading to see the school principal

walls and windows and doors and stairs

the view from the top floor

they still sort mail manually!

sending a love letter to tondo, anyone?

hanging out by the columns


*manila central post office building facts and history from wikipedia