roque’s birthday weekend

roque turned one over the weekend and because alvin and i wanted to get as far away from the horrors of planning a children’s party as possible, we tempted a-ko, mommy and tanya with visions of pine trees and escaped to cool baguio.

in between braving tourist-filled mine’s view park, hoarding fresh vegetables at la trinidad and stuffing ourselves silly with yummy, yummy(!) food all over baguio city, we celebrated roque’s birthday with a family photo session at fog photo, the highlight of which was a delightfully messy cake smash. 🙂


cake smash 01

cake smash 02

cake smash 03

cake smash 04

cake smash 05

bubbles 02

bubbles 01

family 01

family 02

family 03

family 04

photos by adrian dungo –

fog photo –

custom cake by vizco’s restaurant and cake shop –

an afternoon at the park

the ayala triangle gardens is officially my new favorite park! 😀

ayala triangle 01

ayala triangle 02

ayala triangle 03

ayala triangle 04

ayala triangle 05

ayala triangle 06

ayala triangle 07

ayala triangle 08

things my son eats

while the sight of his milk bottle is enough to elicit indignant howls from my son and send his body into frantic spasms, he’s more than happy enough to put other things in his mouth.






the reupholstery project

alvin and i bought a couple of dining room chairs early this year. mainly because we realized we didn’t have regular-sized chairs and i was hugely pregnant, which made perching on the bar stools we were using as dining room chairs slightly difficult. we found some sturdy, folding ones on sale at s&r and grabbed them. they were very comfy.

unfortunately, they were beige.

i’ve been itching to reupholster them since day one but what with waddling, giving birth and taking care of a helpless baby, it was hard to find time to do it.

last night, because it was alvin’s birthday (really, his birthday had nothing to do with it), we finally hunkered down and transformed the icky beige seats into something more fun, and lucky you get to have a blow by blow. 😀


get a couple of chairs with drab-colored seat cushions.


unscrew the cushion from the frame.


find fabric you really like and cut it a few inches wider than your cushion on all sides. ours was canvas.


staple the fabric onto the back of the cushion. (we couldn’t find flat staple wires so we made do with cable staple wires and just pounded them flat, haha)


screw the cushion back on.


ta-daaa! instant new chairs!


before and after.

roque meets the sea

i had a bad wanderlust attack a couple of weeks ago and tito junet and tita melanie came to the rescue by lending us their beach house for the weekend.

the house was gorgeous, the food was yummy, and roque met the sea for the first time! 😀

00 the claw

the claaaw!

01 retro snacks+wine

retro snacks + wine

02 roque's stuff

roque’s overnight stuff vs alvin’s and my overnight stuff

03 first meal at tali

roque’s favorite spot in the house

04 roque

i don’t know about you but i’m going swimming!

05 house

brick kitchen counter and blue stairs

06 house

blue gas lamp

07 jingy

with and without jingy

08 house

here and there

09 house

whitewashed headboard

10 house

red sails

11 jingy and roque

jing and roque

12 food


13 roque with daddy

the boss

14 with mommy

the sea!

15 group photo


16 beach

roque at the beach!

17 stroller at the beach


18 elma


19 green door

green door

20 roque and the water

roque meets the sea

21 with daddy


the calm before the storm







april shower

it felt a bit like getting married all over again: invites, giveaways, food, photos, games, good friends and family. only i waddled instead of glided and i didn’t have to hold my breath to hide my protruding tummy. 🙂

big thank yous to everyone who came and made last sunday such a fun, fun day! and a giant thank you to atha for making everything so, so pretty! 😀

*photos from various people’s cameras

baby shower 00

baby shower 01

welcome! welcome!

baby shower 02


baby shower 03

everything was yum!

baby shower 04

pretty! pretty!

baby shower 05


baby shower 06

party people!

baby shower 07


baby shower 08

game #1.

baby shower 09

game #2.

baby shower 10

roque’s wish tree!

baby shower 11


baby shower 12

more wishes!

baby shower 13

alvin + jona + roque-in-the-tummy!

baby shower 14

mamang as The Grandmother.

baby shower 15

people in a giant yellow frame!

baby shower 16

the making of a framed photo.

baby shower 17

more people in the yellow frame!