things my son eats

while the sight of his milk bottle is enough to elicit indignant howls from my son and send his body into frantic spasms, he’s more than happy enough to put other things in his mouth.






the milky way

and justlikethat, roque is technically six and a half months old. i say technically because although he turned 26 weeks this past friday, following his birth date, he only officially turned six months. i know, confusing, right? anyway, he’s been munching on solids for the last couple of weeks (please know i use the term ‘solids’ very loosely, considering that what the kid eats is really just one level up from watery mush), and has had infant cereal, squash, carrots and sweet potato.

judging by how his mouth starts to open really wide the moment we start putting his bib on, he seems really pleased about it. i, on the other hand, has been having mixed feelings. you see, now that he’s discovered solids, roque’s milk intake has decidedly lessened, sometimes to less than half of what he used to drink in a day. add to the fact that he only grew one cm longer and barely half a kilo heavier during his last pedia visit, i’ve been feeling likeĀ a tvc mother who worries her child isn’t getting the nutrients he needs to optimize his growth.

i’ve tried to not be too anal about it, but every time he turns away and starts bawling in protest when a milk bottle turns in his direction, i swear i feel my stress levels rise. it’s gotten to the point that i get nervous every time i come at him with a bottle, and he’s learned to cry with his mouth closed so we couldn’t stick the nipple in in between sobs.

the past couple of days, i’ve been sneakily sneaking milk in with the solids. though it hardly makes up for the volume difference, it at least makes me feel like i’m doing something to contribute to his ‘brain and body development.’

i really hope he’s just filled with excitement and wonder at the new things his mouth has been experiencing and this semi boycott of milk is temporary, otherwise i might be forced to tough love it and inject bottles of the thing up his vein.