roque’s birthday weekend

roque turned one over the weekend and because alvin and i wanted to get as far away from the horrors of planning a children’s party as possible, we tempted a-ko, mommy and tanya with visions of pine trees and escaped to cool baguio.

in between braving tourist-filled mine’s view park, hoarding fresh vegetables at la trinidad and stuffing ourselves silly with yummy, yummy(!) food all over baguio city, we celebrated roque’s birthday with a family photo session at fog photo, the highlight of which was a delightfully messy cake smash. 🙂


cake smash 01

cake smash 02

cake smash 03

cake smash 04

cake smash 05

bubbles 02

bubbles 01

family 01

family 02

family 03

family 04

photos by adrian dungo –

fog photo –

custom cake by vizco’s restaurant and cake shop –

roque meets the sea

i had a bad wanderlust attack a couple of weeks ago and tito junet and tita melanie came to the rescue by lending us their beach house for the weekend.

the house was gorgeous, the food was yummy, and roque met the sea for the first time! 😀

00 the claw

the claaaw!

01 retro snacks+wine

retro snacks + wine

02 roque's stuff

roque’s overnight stuff vs alvin’s and my overnight stuff

03 first meal at tali

roque’s favorite spot in the house

04 roque

i don’t know about you but i’m going swimming!

05 house

brick kitchen counter and blue stairs

06 house

blue gas lamp

07 jingy

with and without jingy

08 house

here and there

09 house

whitewashed headboard

10 house

red sails

11 jingy and roque

jing and roque

12 food


13 roque with daddy

the boss

14 with mommy

the sea!

15 group photo


16 beach

roque at the beach!

17 stroller at the beach


18 elma


19 green door

green door

20 roque and the water

roque meets the sea

21 with daddy


the singapore walking tour: day 3 & 4

4 days. 3 people. 1 city.

the last two days were spent exploring chinatown, orchard road and part of the national university of singapore.

we gulped delicious kopi down, munched on street ice cream sandwiches, and, in true pinoy fashion, hogged the massage machines at the nus alumni center.

tong ah eating house, since 1939.

really good kopi at tong ah.

singapore’s chinatown!

chinese hopscotch.

hindu temple.

in and around chinatown.

my name on a string.

lomo cam prints + brass buddhist pendants.

oyster cake.

orange buddhas.

by the side of the red dot building.

red dot traffic.

street ice cream sandwiches and coffee at the afc studios.

afc scone.


national university of singapore.

a-ko getting a foot massage.

cups in transit.

late plate at the nus alumni building.

marche at vivo city.

saying goodbye to singapore.

the singapore walking tour: day 1 & 2

4 days. 3 people. 1 city.

the first two days were spent exploring bukit merah, little india, marina bay sands and the then-recently opened gardens by the bay.

all three of us decided that the ikea store would make a really good home, we walked around amidst supertrees and a-ko sipped her first mango lassi.

the tour begins.

the secret to speaking like a local.

in and around books actually.

hot buns, chop chop!

forty hands, where they serve really good coffee and 99% of the staff is filipino.

latte art.

getting comfy in our ikea home.

chili crab!

pretty, swirly staircases in little india.

gimme some love.

in and around little india.

a-ko first cup of mango lassi.

super yummy roti prata!

the roti prata man.

indian sweets!

late lunch with lolit at twg, marina bay sands.

paddling around the ‘canal.’

buildings without people. buildings with people.

there was an andy warhol exhibit.

a-ko and water lilies.

getting chummy with buddha.

super trees at gardens by the bay.

dinner at lau pa sat.

sunny summers

i would be the first to admit that i am neither the most sociable nor the friendliest person in the world. put me in a room full of strangers and, barring some sort of emergency, i would leave that room without having talked to anyone. don’t get me wrong, i’m fine with this, especially since the mere thought of having to come up with something delightful to say to someone i do not know is enough to make me nauseous.

despite my lack of social skills, i think i must’ve done something right in a previous life because i’ve been blessed with a wonderful set of friends. we’ve been in each other’s lives for almost twenty years now and will hopefully continue to be in each other’s lives forever. 🙂

jing and daniel’s joint birthday beach trip at virgin beach, batangas. 2007. (couldn’t find a group photo with daniel though, haha!)

the first screws’ beach trip alvin was a part of. quezon. 2008.

bataan. 2009.

daniel, jing and rt’s joint birthday swim party. makati. 2010.

at a bataan beach during a storm. 2011.

our first beach trip with a baby in tow! 🙂 batangas. 2012.

baguio in a flash!

i am addicted to going on trips, this is a proven fact. withdrawal symptoms start appearing when i haven’t traveled for a while (this can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on what else is going on in my life), and trust me, the travel-deprived monster i turn into isn’t pretty. given that not all of us travel junkies have the luxury of time and money to indulge our inner wanderlust, a delicate compromise has been reached: flash vacations!

flash vacation time!!

i liken flash vacations to flash fiction. a successful piece of flash fiction is one that is extremely short but is able to tell its story without sacrificing classic story-telling elements; in its most ideal, the scarcity of time in flash vacations cold-water-shocks you into prioritizing what to see and where to go, without sacrificing the time needed to fully embrace each experience.

alvin and i recently spent roughly twenty hours in baguio. it would have been so easy to fall into our comfortable pattern of wandering up and down wonderful session road, ducking into numerous ukay-ukay alleys while clutching plastic bags filled with green mango slices and sukang iloko, and getting lost in the maze that is the baguio city market.

instead, we made our way to the strawberry fields in la trinidad where we licked delightful strawberry ice cream off of cones and slurped taho submerged in strawberry syrup, maneuvered the ups and downs of tam-awan village’s dirt paths, and marveled at the weaves and weavers at the easter weaving room.

the market, well, we just couldn’t pass that up.

home for one night.

eating at the future diner kind of felt like being stuck in the 50s, but whatever.

strawberry trees! um, bushes! um, plants!

the taho was a little too sweet for us, but the strawberry ice cream was pure yum!

square strawberry! (of course, so it’s easier to stack. duh.)

tam-awan village.

very art.

artist ben hur villanueva’s gallery across tam-awan village. the place was filled with pieces of gorgeous, gorgeous sculpture but photo-taking wasn’t allowed. sigh. oh, and ben hur was really nice, too!

everything was so pretty!

busy women at the weaving room below the store.

sweet, sweet cherry tomatoes for 100/kilo.

me having a staring contest with the lion along kennon road.