making our bed and laying on it

one of the funnier claims-to-fame that alvin and i have was that we slept on a single bed — together.

the reason people found this fascinating was because alvin is almost 6 feet tall, i am a quarter of an inch shy of being 5 feet 6 inches tall, and a standard single bed measures 36 inches by 75 inches. while not impossible, most people found it hard to come to terms with the idea of the two of us fitting comfortably on 36 inches of bed space night after night. but for the past three years, that’s exactly what we did.

for two years before we were married, we shared a house with friends, and with six people divided into two rooms, bodies had to double up. when we got married, we spoke about getting a wider bed but given the fact that, though narrow, we already did own one, we had to prioritize buying stuff we actually didn’t have, like a refrigerator and  a washing machine.

also, we really didn’t mind sharing a single bed. i laughingly responded to the countless variations of people’s always incredulous ‘how can the two of you fit on a single bed?!’ with ‘we’re very sweet!’

a week ago, after a year of marriage, we took a deep breath and finally bought ourselves a wider bed. we debated over the merits of a double versus a queen sized but decided we really didn’t need the latter’s extra 6 inches over the former; the double’s additional 18 inches over what we’ve had for three years was plenty.

the new bed arrived yesterday afternoon and you can guess the first thing we did with all that space — rolled around and around!

36 inches + 18 inches = so much happiness it made me look slightly deranged

it felt a bit strange to have been able to shift in the night without alvin needing to automatically shift with me, and getting used to not instinctively catching myself from falling off the bed after rolling over twice would take some time, but for the most part, having all that space to play with feels ridiculously good!