the herb garden project

some of you may remember our, um, slightly unsuccessful gardening attempt some time ago. well, now that we live in a space the sun’s rays actually reach, alvin and i decided that it was time for attempt number 2, and that attempt number 2 would be a window sill herb garden.

first, let me make it clear that this is alvin’s herb garden. each day, he goes to the window sill and inspects his row of herbs as soon as he wakes up. he makes sure he waters them before leaving for work and goes straight back to check on the herbs when he arrives home. he mutters darkly about the birds who peck at the leaves and plots revenge against them. i mainly just cheer him on from the bed while sleepily rubbing my eyes.

alvin's herb garden

alvin’s herb garden

the very first herb we got was a lanky dill seedling from one of the plant stalls in mine’s view park, and because it seemed a bit sad to get just one, we also bought a korean pepper seedling along with it, which had pretty, red peppers dangling from its stems.

the weekend after, we went to manila seedling bank along quezon avenue to get proper plant boxes and stock up on more young herb plants. alvin got all excited and researchy and meticulously picked some sweet basil and flat leaf parsley. we left with the new herbs, five clay pots, a sack of potting mix and a gardening trowel.

in the little over two weeks that the herb garden has been in existence, the plants did thrive under alvin’s careful care. the dill, in particular, has grown so much so fast it’s almost scary.

korean pepper, dill , flat leaf parsley, sweet basil

korean pepper, dill (with a new branch that wasn’t there when we bought it), flat leaf parsley, sweet basil

while alvin was at work last saturday morning, i wandered over to the window sill to have a look at how the plants are getting along. to my surprise, there was a tall weed growing right beside the korean pepper plant. it was almost as tall as the plant itself, and given the almost-obsessive attention he’s been showering the plants with, i was surprised that alvin had missed it.

korean pepper and potmate

korean pepper and potmate

just in case he was trying out some avant-garde gardening technique he neglected to mention to me, i decided to check with him first before yanking the thing out. i didn’t want to be responsible for the failure of some case study he might be in the middle of, after all. turned out, there wasn’t anything avant-garde or scientific about it.

me: may potmate na giant damo yung sili mo? (your pepper plant has a giant weed for a potmate?)

him: haha, akala ko mga wala lang yun, tapos lumalaki na sya. should i pull it out? baka kasi mag stunt ang growth nya e. (haha! i thought it was nothing, then it started growing. should i pull it out? it might stunt the pepper’s growth.)

me: hahaha! yes! it’s getting your pepper’s nutrients!

alvin: pull it nga, it can’t be too rooted naman.

me: got it out. you’re funny. haha!

blue thumb

i’m very worried.

pine bonsai then & now

rainbow hanging plant then & now

the breakfast experiment

while i’ve never been stick-thin, i’ve also never been barrel-fat. for most of my life, i was able to dismiss the persistent roll of flesh around my mid-section with one-part self-esteem, one-part acceptance and two-parts laziness.

i never had to watch what i ate and i rarely exercised, yet ready-to-wear clothes still fit, so i figured everything was fine; for all my moaning and groaning about the various sections of my body, it and i were friends.

then came my thirties. people warned me of impending doom: of slowed metabolism. of bloated body parts. of sagging flesh. thirty came and went with not much change. same with thirty-one. i began to relax, thought everyone was just exaggerating.

i think it began at thirty-two and worsened at thirty-three, with me barely making it through thirty-four. suddenly the roll of flesh i’ve been complaining about doubled in size, i started to have period cravings and my tummy regularly ballooned to a size i’ve never seen it reach before roughly the same time every month. oh, and don’t get me started about the bits of flesh that overnight seemed to have collectively developed the desire to touch the floor.

more and more often, i’ve been seized with panic attacks about my aging, changing body, calmed only by the same two-parts laziness that has sustained me thus far.

i’ve often read that having a full breakfast everyday actually helps a person lose weight, something about the feeling of fullness firing off synapses and releasing good chemicals so you don’t overeat the rest of the day. so today i decided to set aside my breakfast-skipper self and give it a try.

alvin and i woke up extra early this morning so we would have time for a proper breakfast and it really seems to be working! it’s been more or less six hours since i finished stuffing my face with a giant bowl of corned beef rice and dried fish and i have yet to feel hunger pangs.

maybe this *is* the way to go! 😀


all-day breakfast!

you get one peso in agahan bucks back for every one hundred you spend.

i love their interiors! the food -- so-so. 🙂


agahan: 1012 metropolitan avenue, san antonio village, makati

two of three

getting old is tricky. nobody decides to do it but it happens to everyone anyway. little changes, slowly over time.

two years ago, i was handed a stub and i actually lined up for a free corporate umbrella. my twenty-year-old self would’ve been so ashamed. but then again, my twenty-year-old self never had to pay for an umbrella.

two days ago, my friends and i stopped by the side of the road, got off the car in the rain and crossed the street to buy plants. for ourselves. real plants with green, breathing leaves. if alvin and i don’t kill the ones we bought like we did the pot of basil from his mom, i’m seriously thinking of getting more.

next thing you know, we’ll start stopping by roadside fruit stands too.


pretty plant number 1: bonsai from the pine tree family

pretty plant number 2: rainbow hanging plant (it's supposed to change color when the sun hits the leaves)