roque’s birthday weekend

roque turned one over the weekend and because alvin and i wanted to get as far away from the horrors of planning a children’s party as possible, we tempted a-ko, mommy and tanya with visions of pine trees and escaped to cool baguio.

in between braving tourist-filled mine’s view park, hoarding fresh vegetables at la trinidad and stuffing ourselves silly with yummy, yummy(!) food all over baguio city, we celebrated roque’s birthday with a family photo session at fog photo, the highlight of which was a delightfully messy cake smash. 🙂


cake smash 01

cake smash 02

cake smash 03

cake smash 04

cake smash 05

bubbles 02

bubbles 01

family 01

family 02

family 03

family 04

photos by adrian dungo –

fog photo –

custom cake by vizco’s restaurant and cake shop –

boracay in boxes

before my ever-growing belly pops, alvin and i flew to boracay with friends (family, really) where we proceeded to do variations of nothing for six days.

day 01A

day 1: fresh seafood and jonah’s shake!

day 01B

day 1: real coffee calamansi muffin!

day 02A

day 2: while waiting for the natividads

day 02B

day 2: beach! beach!

day 02C

day 2: greek coffee

day 03A

day 3: super crunchy daing na bangus!

day 03B

day 3: alvin’s coffee fix

day 03C

day 3: more beach time!

day 03D

day 3: alvin+jona=big tummy

day 03E

day 3: the official boracay 2013 group photo

day 4A

day 4: pre-island hopping

day 4B

day 4: parked in the middle of the sea somewhere

day 4C

day 4: snorkeling, fishing, floating around

day 4D

day 4: alvin’s pregnant sand lady

day 05A

day 5: the day aj went mohawk

day 05B

day 5: ta-daa!

day 05C

day 5: tibraz crepes and mojitos!

day 05D

day 5: going japanese

day 05E

day 5: the. tempura. bowl.

day 06A

day 6: more tibraz crepes!

day 06B

day 6: happy!

lsm square residence, station 1: +63 36 288.1907, +63 918.559.7289

the singapore walking tour: day 3 & 4

4 days. 3 people. 1 city.

the last two days were spent exploring chinatown, orchard road and part of the national university of singapore.

we gulped delicious kopi down, munched on street ice cream sandwiches, and, in true pinoy fashion, hogged the massage machines at the nus alumni center.

tong ah eating house, since 1939.

really good kopi at tong ah.

singapore’s chinatown!

chinese hopscotch.

hindu temple.

in and around chinatown.

my name on a string.

lomo cam prints + brass buddhist pendants.

oyster cake.

orange buddhas.

by the side of the red dot building.

red dot traffic.

street ice cream sandwiches and coffee at the afc studios.

afc scone.


national university of singapore.

a-ko getting a foot massage.

cups in transit.

late plate at the nus alumni building.

marche at vivo city.

saying goodbye to singapore.

the singapore walking tour: day 1 & 2

4 days. 3 people. 1 city.

the first two days were spent exploring bukit merah, little india, marina bay sands and the then-recently opened gardens by the bay.

all three of us decided that the ikea store would make a really good home, we walked around amidst supertrees and a-ko sipped her first mango lassi.

the tour begins.

the secret to speaking like a local.

in and around books actually.

hot buns, chop chop!

forty hands, where they serve really good coffee and 99% of the staff is filipino.

latte art.

getting comfy in our ikea home.

chili crab!

pretty, swirly staircases in little india.

gimme some love.

in and around little india.

a-ko first cup of mango lassi.

super yummy roti prata!

the roti prata man.

indian sweets!

late lunch with lolit at twg, marina bay sands.

paddling around the ‘canal.’

buildings without people. buildings with people.

there was an andy warhol exhibit.

a-ko and water lilies.

getting chummy with buddha.

super trees at gardens by the bay.

dinner at lau pa sat.