the annual cabugao holy week special

and for the third year in a row, the sunios spent holy week in the small, sunny town of cabugao, ilocos sur. somehow though, we still managed to find new things to do, like visit the ilocos norte museum in laoag and the baluarte in vigan.

staples during the annual homecoming are:

  • cheap, fresh seafood(!)
  • *the* ilocos empanada
  • *the* ilocos longganisa
  • lazy afternoons on the veranda
  • trip/s to the nearby public beach
  • visit/s to vigan

the cheap seafood alone is enough to convince me to pull my manila roots up and re-plant them in cabugao. i can still feel that piece of tuna melting on my tongue!

fresh tuna: 120/kilo. true story.

neighborhood halo-halo!

around town

love, love, love.

please vote.

instant family picture!

summer skies.

my favorite place in cabugao. 🙂

red, blue and green

grocery-shopping, palengke style

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's...hello kitty!

where mamang and tatang got married 80 years ago.

vegetarian ilocos empanada!

spot the usisero.

the local good friday parade.

little boy by the signpost.

sinait church

sisters and cousins

museo ilocos norte in laoag

excuse me!

we had no idea what was up with that moustache!

the annual pug-os beach trip!

at baluarte. there were ostriches, reindeers, tigers and even dinosaurs!

vigan ice cream!