ron migration

once a year, like a bird flying south for the winter, ron whooshes into manila and we get to spend a day with him before he whooshes out again.


marben's bulalo and tawilis, i dream of you often

annual eat-until-you-burst meal with ron

java jazz cafe

cake and coffee and tsokolate

pandan tea

bald trees, bald man

one year ago

diy post-nup photos. hihi!

dear binbin,

after one year of marriage, the traditional gift to give your spouse is paper. and so i thought i’d gift you with words written on virtual paper. πŸ™‚

we’ve been married one year, and have known each other for five. while this might not seem like a long time, more and more i struggle to remember a time when you weren’t a part of my life; a time when i did not wake up beside you, when i did not hurry home to you, a time when i did not have you to laugh with.

all wives claim they have the best husbands, and i am no different.

thank you for always giving me the best fried egg (runny yolk and crispy white edges!), for the funniest lip syncs to air supply songs (among others), for being patient with me when i’m at my paranoid-worst.

thank you for taking my weird questions seriously,Β for helping me with my projects (remember the curtains we sealed the edges of by scorching?), for always looking at me like i’m the best wife in the world.

diy post-nup photos part 2. πŸ˜€

when i think about the future, the thing that scares me the most is not having enough of it to share with you.

i love you. πŸ™‚


super sunday!

i’ve been craving for bulalo the past few weeks and have been looking for an excuse to go to tagaytay for some. daniel needed an out-of-town trip because he had a very important question to ask rt. together, we worked really hard to make it all happen, which means that my bulalo craving has been satisfied and RT AND DANIEL ARE NOW ENGAGED! :D!

mabuhay ang bagong, um, engaged! yup, that's an engagement piano key on a chain, friends and neighbors. the actual piano is sitting in daniel's house's living room. πŸ™‚

because we were so, so efficient, we also managed to sneak in some bawai and ilog maria in between the proposal and the bulalo-fest! πŸ™‚

(oh, and also some gourmet cafe, but that place was a disappointment so i try not to think about that part of the day.)

all we could manage were sounds of ecstasy. everything tasted *so* good! a revisit is definitely in order.

after-lunch authentic vietnamese coffee

a very happy (and very full) binbin

i ❀ the bird house

we've been wanting to go to ilog maria for years! the whole place smelled wonderful. good work, bees!

giant bee on a chopping board!

cross-section of a beehive

the bee boxes looked eerie among the trees.

more eerie bee boxes

guess which two convinced everyone else to pose for the group shot.

oh, gourmet farms cafe, you were so pretty and held so much promise!

those cookies were, to be blunt, really bad. 😦

mar ben canteen, home of the best tagaytay bulalo! how i've missed you and your good friend crunchy tawilis!