crescent moon cafe

alvin and i snuck out of our usual ortigas-makati universe last sunday and got lost in antipolo. and when i say ‘got lost’, i mean that both figuratively and literally.

i have been wanting to get out of metro manila for a few weeks now but haven’t really had a chance to. i would’ve loved to stay overnight in zambales or baguio or bataan somewhere, but that would mean the trip would eat up the whole weekend and i needed some parts of it to rest *after* my adventure.

alvin found this charming cafe online and decided it would make the perfect day trip destination. antipolo was near enough so we didn’t have to wake up before the sun does, and obscure enough that, with the exception of knowing a few people who live there, we don’t really know anything about the place which will make going there an adventure.

crescent moon cafe reminded me of the sonya’s garden of about a decade ago, when they only had one dining room and you had to have a reservation before you can eat because they cook to order. this was also the time before you had to practically walk sideways down the paths in between the plants because there were so many people you would swear you were at a tourist spot at peak season.

there were fat koi fishes, warty frogs and nimble turtles, and i’m not sure if this makes sense but the vibe i got was there was just the right ambient balance of art, nature and business.

aside from the fresh, yummy food, another reason to fall in love with crescent moon is the pottery. plate after bowl after mug of pretty, pretty pottery. immediately after i spotted the stacks of earthenware, i plotted on how i can bring some home. (you would be happy to know that i did! :D)

after we ate and pottery-ed and walked around to our heart’s content, alvin and i got down to serious business: hunting down some lechon bread!

the crescent moon cafe!

there were these little pathways that led nowhere.
this little pond was full of frogs.
i ❤ this washing area! for some reason, it reminded me of mexico.
vanity/installation art.
rabid turtles! these little reptiles got out of their pond and toddled over to me so fast i swear they thought i was lunch.
i love their pottery! i wanted (and still want) to smash all our existing plates and bowls just so i have an excuse to get some of these!
we *did* buy a couple of plates and a bowl from their discount section, where they sell things by the kilo. we’ve used them every night since, hihi!
the food! yum! my favorites were the crispy noodles with chicken and some sort of cream, the salmon sinigang and the fried fish fillet.
there was also crocodile bread, turtle bread and what looked like lobster bread, but the lechon was a classic.