just another day at the office

there are many reasons why i love my job. here are some of them.

i get to watch the sun rise and set.
*sunrise from the 35th floor, ayala tower one building. sunset at the manila water filtration plant

i get to sit on giant concrete balls and stalk women in heels.

i get to play dress-up with my husband.

i get to hang out in random, grassy areas and watch people jump.

i get to work with great people and occasionally visit my best friend.

i get to fire guns.

i get to pretend to be a factory worker.

i get to meet important people.

i get to hold stuff in front of pretty walls.

i get to listen to different perspectives.

i get to hold weird-shaped fruits and haggle with indians.

i get to travel with a green ball and eat budbud kabug.

i get to make faces.

i get to sit on random floors.

i get to pretend to be in a telenovela.

i get to spend my birthday with balloons!