5 days to 1

the little boy is turning one in a week and with it comes a whole new set of fun challenges.

davao 08

his steps are more sure now, his sturdy legs constantly walking from room to room. upon reaching a low shelf, he would squat, fingers quick to explore whatever he could grasp, brows furrowed and mouth open in concentration. legs spread wide for balance, his stubby fingers would happily pry open and push shut cabinet doors over and over again.

he recently discovered several new decibel levels and is never shy about using them to get his way, which is to say all of the time. he would wake up in the middle of the night, grab his two long pillows and stand straight up in his crib, hollering to be brought to mommy and daddy’s bed. he would grab my finger and start tugging, wanting me to walk with him. when i dare not respond right away, he would grow impatient and start screaming like there was no tomorrow.

sometimes, a random toy or household item would fascinate him (the wooden laundry clips brought much joy) and he would stay still for a few minutes, intent on figuring out how it works while emitting soft, yodeling sounds.

he has learned to be firm when saying no, but has yet to master refinement. having had enough water to drink, he would brusquely push the cup away with an annoyed ‘heh!’. if i try to feed him while he still had a mouthful, he would rudely swat at the spoon i held, spraying rice and pieces of meat all over us both. regardless of whether he was just given a bath or not, food that didn’t quite reach his palate’s standard were unceremoniously spat out.

i can’t help but be fascinated by all this new activity and active decision-making i have a front row seat to. watching this tiny person function like a ‘real’ person feels surreal, like having a doll magically come to life. it seems impossible that this active boy was inside my tummy this time last year.

the mini tantrums that also seemed to have magically come from nowhere, however, i don’t like as much and leave me feeling frustrated. i’m still trying to figure out how to effectively handle the high-pitched screaming and flailing about on the floor, whose intensity is as unpredictable as its fix.

oh, and the second teething wave just ended. four baby teeth coming out at the same time, yup, that was fun.



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