on holiday

it’s been three days since our supposedly relaxing 4-day beach holiday and I’m still recovering from exhaustion.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip with friends for months. I had visions of lying on white sand, of blue skies overhead, of catching up with friends. it would be roque’s first major out-of-town trip and I was excited to watch him discover and explore sand. I imagined him playing by the water, absorbed by the wonder of the waves, the sun gently turning his fair skin golden brown.

well, let me tell you, none of these things happened. none.

the resort we stayed at had a small strip of white sand right at its doorstep which appeared for a few hours each day during low tide, and it was all the sand I ever saw during those four days. you can bet I never once laid down on it.

other than traveling and staying in one house together, our friends and my family might as well have gone on two very different trips.

they went island hopping everyday and did all the things I looked forward to –clear skies, white sand, blue water.

alvin and I, on the other hand, stayed at the resort and made sure our 10-month-old took his naps and drank his milk, which sounds very responsible and commendable until you’re the one left behind while everyone else worked on their tan.

and nappies, we changed a lot of nappies.

so, no, it wasn’t the best holiday I’ve gone on, thank you for asking.

the little boy, on the other hand, seemed to have had a good time.

davao 01

multiple firsts: first plane ride, first bus ride, first roro trip. he handled the long travel from manila to samal island really well, especially considering we had to be at the airport at 230am for our 405am flight.

davao 02

the protests came when we picked him up to leave.

davao 03

he wasn’t lacking in attention and he knew it.

davao 04

he discovered stairs and doors. my back wasn’t amused at these discoveries.

davao 05


davao 06


davao 07

one plus one makes three!

captain hook’s red parrot inn. kaputian, samal island – http://www.redparrotinn.com/

bahay ni tuding. davao city – http://www.bahaynituding.com/


2 Comments on “on holiday”

  1. Jing says:

    awww. i’m hoping it would be better on the next trips. 😀

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