voices in my head

the thing about an addiction, is that it never goes away. oh, there are stretches of time when it’s quiet, buried under the different layers of your consciousness, but it’s always, always there, waiting.

the quiet stretches sometimes last for months, and you get lulled into believing that you have it under control, that you have finally satiated its hunger. and so you start to take cautious peeks when you pass people on the streets, you absent-mindedly scan store windows, you confidently step into shops, thinking, no, it can’t get me anymore.

then you stumble upon one that won’t let you sleep. that you just can’t live without. that would give new life to *every piece of clothing* in your tired wardrobe. and you start the list in your head: it’s on sale! it’s cheaper than getting an entire closet full of clothes! i deserve it!!

it’s the last one that usually does it, because how can you not reward yourself when you’ve been working so hard and not getting enough sleep, and dammit, it’s on sale!

hello, my name is jona, and i am a bag addict.


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