nostalgia 101

i’ve been going through roque’s photos the past week, picking out which ones to print out. he’s four months old now and getting more and more active and interactive everyday, but i can’t help but be nostalgic for the days when he was small and soft and felt like a warm, cuddly puppy resting on my chest.


he used to fit in my tummy!

we used to be able to swaddle him!

we used to be able to swaddle him!

i remember when i would cradle him in my arms and his legs wouldn’t dangle down the sides, and how i would oh-so-carefully support the back of his head because his neck wasn’t strong enough to support it yet.

image (7)

four days old

this last sunday, we bought a bigger car seat because he grew too big for the one we’ve been using, but i remember how that first car seat dwarfed him when we first strapped him in.


five days old

when i lay him down vertically now in his crib, half the length of his legs dangle down the side and i have to position him diagonally across the mattress to change his diaper or wipe him dry after his bath, but i remember the time when he seemed so small in a sea of yellow stripes.


three days old

i remember the first time he smiled his sleepy smile.

photo 2

two weeks old

i remember the first time he laughed out loud.

photo 3

one month old

these days, he turns over on his tummy five seconds almost-every time after we lay him on his back.


four months old


baby push-ups

i know that his growing up is inevitable and i’m excited to see him teach himself how to crawl and stand and toddle and walk. still, while i look forward to the adventures we would have along the way, a part of me wants time to stop and this baby stage to last longer.

long enough for me to store moments and memories and cuddles. long enough for me to never forget the simple happiness of feeling him squirm in my arms, of hearing his delighted laughter when he plays with his daddy, of seeing him smile every morning when he sees me for the first time.


2 Comments on “nostalgia 101”

  1. Joyce says:

    They do grow up too fast… :0

  2. thelmsky says:

    awww…. goodluck on sorting out photos! 😉

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