like a typical coward, i ran off to davao two days after hiring the nanny and left my mom-and-sister-in-law in charge of her. granted, it was for work and plane tickets have been booked weeks before i even knew she would be arriving, but the relief i felt at having a few days’ reprieve from having to deal with this new life development was huge.

the night before i was to fly back to manila, i was torn between wanting to go home because i missed alvin and roque so much and wanting to stay so i could further delay facing having to teach a stranger how to blend into our daily lives. i’m sure it took a lot of courage for a sixteen-year-old to leave her home and travel through land and sea to work for a bunch of strangers and she has better reason to be more apprehensive than i am, but i am a terrible introvert and this is a process i really do not enjoy.

to be fair, she seems level-headed and takes direction well. she plays with roque and seems to genuinely like him. to be objective, i (cautiously) think we lucked out.

still, she’s a stranger living in my home and having a stranger live in my home makes me uncomfortable.

and so while adjusting to my recently-acquired role as mother, i’m also trying as hard as i can to adjust to this new role as domestic employer, and googling human cloning developments in my downtime.


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