the nanny

i am now a spanking new nanny employer!

i’m not sure how i feel about this new status yet; we never had nannies or live-in help while growing up so the idea of paying somebody to be at my beck and call is very odd to me. when i’m at other people’s houses, i get embarrassed at the thought of asking domestic employees to fetch things, like i’m some big, bad hacienda owner ordering slaves around. and yes, i had to google the politically correct term to use for that sentence.

if it were just me, i would’ve gone on my merry way without paid help forever. i’m used to doing things on my own, to finding ways and adapting to new situations, to making do with whatever is available. but it’s not as easy to make do with a baby. you can’t put a baby down and explain that he has to entertain himself the whole day because mommy and daddy have to work. you can’t just stick a bottle in his mouth every so often and expect him to be okay with it.

another reason i do things on my own is because the process of showing somebody how i want things done stresses me out. i’m one of those crazy people who likes everything done a certain way, which is why it’s so much easier and more convenient to just do it myself. trust me, if there ever was a case of ‘it’s not you, it’s me,’ this was it.

the nanny arrived yesterday. she’s almost-sixteen and from samar, the cousin of alvin’s nephew’s former nanny. it’s been a day since i’ve officially become a nanny employer, and i am very, very stressed.


One Comment on “the nanny”

  1. jing p. racelis says:

    cool lang jona. you’ll get the hang of it. 😀

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