5 things motherhood teaches you

you are more patient than you think. the text message that arrived half an hour ago will be read. your bladder, which has been really full for about an hour now, will be emptied. the sandwich your husband made for your lunch will get eaten. you just have to be patient and have faith. and yes, the baby in your arms who’s been pretending to be sleepy for two hours now, even he will fall asleep. eventually.

you have arms of steel.  you know how a light package gets heavier and heavier the longer you carry it? that also applies to babies. babies are cute and babies are cuddly. they’re also heavy and you get to carry one for the better part of a day. you will never really be sure how you’re able to do it, but you do.

you can dance. it’s incredible how a fussy baby can bring out dance moves you never knew you had.

you can rise above the poop. it’s smelly, it’s watery, it’s nothing you would wish on an enemy. before you know it though, you find yourself keeping track of your baby’s poop color and consistency, you laugh at the memory of that time when you had to duck when poop literally flew from your baby’s butt straight at you, and you actually *plead* for a soiled nappy because your baby hasn’t pooped in two days.

there is nothing in the whole world more beautiful than your baby’s sleepy, toothless smile.


2 Comments on “5 things motherhood teaches you”

  1. Dez Fermin says:

    Hey jona!!! You totally nailed the 5! Especially #5 😉 i never realized how much of a mom i am till i literally had my baby pooped on my hand and not feel a bit grossed out but amused how much she can poop for a baby!!! Hahaha! Enjoy every minute of mommyhood Jona! Roque is adorable!:)

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