pregnancy report #9

you know how practically every mother you’ve met has a story about sharing the labor room with a crazy, noisy pregnant woman? in stories, this particular pregnant woman almost always screams, cusses, moans extra loudly and, in turn, terrifies and amuses every other woman in labor who’s in the room with her.

i am going to be that crazy, noisy pregnant woman in several would-be mothers’ birth anecdotes.

two weeks to thirty-eight weeks.


3 Comments on “pregnancy report #9”

  1. Bogart Dee says:

    hay naku teh… gawin mo. mag vocalization ka na ngayon pa lang para tumililing ang kanilang mga eardrums ng bonggang bongga! Mas maganda pa nga teh kung kaya mong iimitate yung sound ng fingernails on chalkboard. nuclear war lang ang hanap teh, kim jong un ang pig, ay este peg.

  2. jing p. racelis says:

    don’t think about it nuna. your focus should be you and roque will be fine. 😀

  3. […] so, so, *so* intense began to rock my whole being and, suddenly, i became that woman. the crazy, noisy pregnant woman in the labor room that everyone told stories of. sounds i […]

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