april shower

it felt a bit like getting married all over again: invites, giveaways, food, photos, games, good friends and family. only i waddled instead of glided and i didn’t have to hold my breath to hide my protruding tummy. 🙂

big thank yous to everyone who came and made last sunday such a fun, fun day! and a giant thank you to atha for making everything so, so pretty! 😀

*photos from various people’s cameras

baby shower 00

baby shower 01

welcome! welcome!

baby shower 02


baby shower 03

everything was yum!

baby shower 04

pretty! pretty!

baby shower 05


baby shower 06

party people!

baby shower 07


baby shower 08

game #1.

baby shower 09

game #2.

baby shower 10

roque’s wish tree!

baby shower 11


baby shower 12

more wishes!

baby shower 13

alvin + jona + roque-in-the-tummy!

baby shower 14

mamang as The Grandmother.

baby shower 15

people in a giant yellow frame!

baby shower 16

the making of a framed photo.

baby shower 17

more people in the yellow frame!


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