parenthood 101

given the current size of my tummy (and how i’ve started to substitute walking with waddling to get from here to there the past couple of weeks), alvin and i decided that we can’t put off diaper-buying any longer. so last night found us at the landmark’s diaper aisle, inspecting pack after pack of disposable diapers with confused expressions on our faces. we looked so clueless i promise you the only things lacking were ‘first time parent’ signs tacked on our foreheads.

we’ve been advised to get small packs of different disposable diaper brands at the start so we can try each of them out and see which will work best with our baby’s butt. with this important piece of advice in mind, we carefully picked out a pack each of prokids, drypers, and, just to be contrary, this japanese brand weirdly named goo.n.

i wanted to gauge how long this first batch of diapers would last so i had alvin divide the total number of diapers by 8, which, according to friends and articles, is the average number of times a newborn needs to be changed in a day.

me: one week, that’s how long this stash would last.

alvin: what?! one week? what?! how many diapers would he need in a day anyway?

me: 8 to 10.

alvin: 8 to 10?!

me: yup, how many did you think?

alvin: i don’t know. 1?

me: 1?!

alvin: …to 2?


6 Comments on “parenthood 101”

  1. Kamelle says:

    Try din the brand “sweet baby”, I think it’s one of the cheaper ones. Suwerte a friend of mine, she was the one who told me about it (her baby’s butt liked it). So I told Cybele about it; suwerte rin na Alessa’s butt liked it.

    Good luck!

  2. Nikki says:

    Dear Jona,
    Hahaha…8 to 10 yan at the start… then it gets less and less over time, until 1 a day na lang when they’re toilet training na….but that will be years pa… good luck guys!

  3. jing p. racelis says:

    haha. ang funny niyo. 😛

  4. ime says:

    prokids 🙂 malambot.

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