pregnancy report #6

thirty weeks of no morning sickness. no sensitivity to any particular smell. no skin dryness. no sleepiness or fatigue.

seven months of no gestational diabetes. no urinary tract infection. no feet swelling. no tomato nose.

then this morning i wake up to blood on tissue paper. bright, bright red on stark white. so sudden and unexpected it shocks me into full wakefulness in half a heartbeat.

for a few seconds i stare at the bloody mess on my hand, unsure, scared to move and not move at the same time. then i call out to my husband, who goes from deep sleep to full awareness at the word blood.

reassuringly, the baby’s heartbeat is strong and he’s as active as ever, kicking and rolling and generally doing whatever kind of calisthenics he regularly does while suspended in amniotic fluid. but for reasons unknown, my external cervix is slightly puckered, which might have been caused by contractions so light i have yet to feel them.

i have been given meds to relax my uterus and stop any and all present and would-be contractions, and ordered by the doctor to stay in bed for at least three days, which gives me an official, medical excuse to have alvin be at my beck and call. maybe i’ll get used to this new, donya lifestyle.


4 Comments on “pregnancy report #6”

  1. thelms says:

    bedrest means lying in bed, okay! no sitting down. seriously!

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