boracay in boxes

before my ever-growing belly pops, alvin and i flew to boracay with friends (family, really) where we proceeded to do variations of nothing for six days.

day 01A

day 1: fresh seafood and jonah’s shake!

day 01B

day 1: real coffee calamansi muffin!

day 02A

day 2: while waiting for the natividads

day 02B

day 2: beach! beach!

day 02C

day 2: greek coffee

day 03A

day 3: super crunchy daing na bangus!

day 03B

day 3: alvin’s coffee fix

day 03C

day 3: more beach time!

day 03D

day 3: alvin+jona=big tummy

day 03E

day 3: the official boracay 2013 group photo

day 4A

day 4: pre-island hopping

day 4B

day 4: parked in the middle of the sea somewhere

day 4C

day 4: snorkeling, fishing, floating around

day 4D

day 4: alvin’s pregnant sand lady

day 05A

day 5: the day aj went mohawk

day 05B

day 5: ta-daa!

day 05C

day 5: tibraz crepes and mojitos!

day 05D

day 5: going japanese

day 05E

day 5: the. tempura. bowl.

day 06A

day 6: more tibraz crepes!

day 06B

day 6: happy!

lsm square residence, station 1: +63 36 288.1907, +63 918.559.7289


3 Comments on “boracay in boxes”

  1. Elaine says:

    Where is Tibraz crepes?

  2. jing p. racelis says:

    love the photos. now i miss boracay. 😛

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