the bag strap project

i have a gray, patterned canvas tote bag that i instantly fell in love with the first time i saw it. it was the right size, was affordable, and all in all, almost-perfect. my one complaint was that its white canvas straps could be an inch or so longer, so i bought it with the thought of replacing them, thereby sealing the bag’s perfection.

as with most of my diy projects though, this one got shelved for a bit in favor of more urgent day-to-day things; the straps’ length wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t unusable, i reasoned. when i plopped the bag in the machine for a wash a couple of months ago though, the straps emerged with a light pink stain, which i took as the universe’s way of prodding me to make good on my promise to replace them.

so how do you replace a gray, patterned canvas tote bag’s pink-stained straps? just follow these four easy steps.

1. find a gray, patterned canvas tote. make sure its straps are pink-stained.

the bag with the stained straps

the bag with the stained straps

2. find new straps to replace the old ones with. i was initially looking for a black leather belt to use but i lucked out because i found this white one at the first thrift store i went to. i like to think of it as the universe’s gentle way of telling me to replace white with white. in case i still didn’t get it, she even added extra motivation: it was on sale so i only paid 84 pesos for it! real leather for 84 pesos equals really happy jona. ๐Ÿ™‚

textured leather belt from the secondhand store

textured leather belt from the secondhand store

3. have handy husband remove pesky buckle. measure and cut the belt into your desired length.

the would-be bag straps

the would-be bag straps

4. remove old straps and sew in new ones! i wanted to do this myself but, unfortunately, i didn’t have the right tools for it so i had to ask mr. quickie for help. finally, step back and admire your ‘new’ bag with its upcycled leather straps!




One Comment on “the bag strap project”

  1. jing p. racelis says:

    looking nice nuna. ๐Ÿ˜€

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