pregnancy report #4

i first felt the baby in my tummy move on dec 9. it was ever so faint and i suspect i only caught it because i knew from the baby books that it was supposed to happen right about that period and so i was on the lookout.

for days, i had been ready to pounce on every little quiver in the general area of my protruding stomach and declare it ‘first baby movement,’ but when it finally happened, it felt so unlike what was described as a ‘hello kick’ by the books that i stamped down my declaratory urge and decided to file the feeling away for future confirmation. if that was a kick, i thought, my child has no hope of becoming a professional footballer.

and indeed, based on his movements since, it seems that sports prowess-wise, the child did inherit his genes from me. or maybe he’s just the introverted, non-enthusiastic kind (still courtesy of me, thank you).

still, every time i felt him move, i excitedly grabbed alvin’s hand and placed it on my tummy, eager for him to share in the wonder (and really, let’s be honest here, the weirdness) of having something *human* squirm inside me. it is only during pregnancy, after all, when an incident like this wouldn’t send a woman running to the emergency room for an x-ray.

despite my diligence, my husband would feel nothing and i would end up disappointed — until a few days ago, when after almost one whole month of feeling left out, alvin finally turned to me, palm on my belly, eyes wide and with a huge grin on his face.


6 Comments on “pregnancy report #4”

  1. Jing Racelis says:

    awww. so excited for you guys. 😀

  2. thelms says:

    Pagmalaki na, tapos you’re lying down, you can see your belly parang sci-fi movie kasi mag-stretch sya! 😉

  3. joyce says:

    yeah just wait until you’re around 7 or 8 months…dun parang meron pa ka wrestling si baby sa tummy! hahhaha =) I am also starting to feel baby moving pero slower pa & only when I’m about to sleep at night…so ayan na start of my restless sleep! =(

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