my name is —

dear optical store girl,

i understand that i sound more than a little muffled. it’s my stuffy nose, you see, which has gotten so much worse since i got pregnant. it’s especially bad in air-conditioned rooms, such as the store you work at. trust me when i say that i suffer with it each day.

so, yes, maybe it *was* hard to make sense of what i said when you asked for my name for the receipt. maybe you were too polite to ask again. maybe you just didn’t care.

but the question that most concern me, really, is: did you take one look at me and think ‘transvestite’?

love, jona.


3 Comments on “my name is —”

  1. Jing Racelis says:

    haha. nag-full circle ka na. i remember the days when we were in college and they will address you as sir because you have a low voice. hehe.

  2. Kulot says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Ahlavet. Too funny!! Hihi. Yun lang 😉

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