sunny summers

i would be the first to admit that i am neither the most sociable nor the friendliest person in the world. put me in a room full of strangers and, barring some sort of emergency, i would leave that room without having talked to anyone. don’t get me wrong, i’m fine with this, especially since the mere thought of having to come up with something delightful to say to someone i do not know is enough to make me nauseous.

despite my lack of social skills, i think i must’ve done something right in a previous life because i’ve been blessed with a wonderful set of friends. we’ve been in each other’s lives for almost twenty years now and will hopefully continue to be in each other’s lives forever. 🙂

jing and daniel’s joint birthday beach trip at virgin beach, batangas. 2007. (couldn’t find a group photo with daniel though, haha!)

the first screws’ beach trip alvin was a part of. quezon. 2008.

bataan. 2009.

daniel, jing and rt’s joint birthday swim party. makati. 2010.

at a bataan beach during a storm. 2011.

our first beach trip with a baby in tow! 🙂 batangas. 2012.


2 Comments on “sunny summers”

  1. Jing Racelis says:

    weee! ang tiyaga mo nuna to look for our photos. next year…more babies???? hehe.

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