baguio in a flash!

i am addicted to going on trips, this is a proven fact. withdrawal symptoms start appearing when i haven’t traveled for a while (this can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on what else is going on in my life), and trust me, the travel-deprived monster i turn into isn’t pretty. given that not all of us travel junkies have the luxury of time and money to indulge our inner wanderlust, a delicate compromise has been reached: flash vacations!

flash vacation time!!

i liken flash vacations to flash fiction. a successful piece of flash fiction is one that is extremely short but is able to tell its story without sacrificing classic story-telling elements; in its most ideal, the scarcity of time in flash vacations cold-water-shocks you into prioritizing what to see and where to go, without sacrificing the time needed to fully embrace each experience.

alvin and i recently spent roughly twenty hours in baguio. it would have been so easy to fall into our comfortable pattern of wandering up and down wonderful session road, ducking into numerous ukay-ukay alleys while clutching plastic bags filled with green mango slices and sukang iloko, and getting lost in the maze that is the baguio city market.

instead, we made our way to the strawberry fields in la trinidad where we licked delightful strawberry ice cream off of cones and slurped taho submerged in strawberry syrup, maneuvered the ups and downs of tam-awan village’s dirt paths, and marveled at the weaves and weavers at the easter weaving room.

the market, well, we just couldn’t pass that up.

home for one night.

eating at the future diner kind of felt like being stuck in the 50s, but whatever.

strawberry trees! um, bushes! um, plants!

the taho was a little too sweet for us, but the strawberry ice cream was pure yum!

square strawberry! (of course, so it’s easier to stack. duh.)

tam-awan village.

very art.

artist ben hur villanueva’s gallery across tam-awan village. the place was filled with pieces of gorgeous, gorgeous sculpture but photo-taking wasn’t allowed. sigh. oh, and ben hur was really nice, too!

everything was so pretty!

busy women at the weaving room below the store.

sweet, sweet cherry tomatoes for 100/kilo.

me having a staring contest with the lion along kennon road.


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