ode to the red sofa

i admit, i was the one who first fell in love.

it was february and alvin and i were wandering inside the homeworld section of sm makati with brian and nerri, flitting from sofa to sofa, when i saw it. it was red. it was soft. it was *red*.

it was a whirlwind romance; thirty minutes later we were paying at the cashier and arranging delivery schedules.

so pretty!

this morning, two men came and carried our lovely red sofa out the door. yes, we sold it. we had ten months together but we sadly couldn’t continue to deny the fact that it was too big for our place.

before we let its plushy redness disappear from our lives forever though, alvin and i made sure we had a souvenir of our love affair.

we spent many lovely hours together.

One Comment on “ode to the red sofa”

  1. […] and about a month ago, alvin and i had a day bed made to replace the red sofa we sold last year. it arrived […]

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