two of three

getting old is tricky. nobody decides to do it but it happens to everyone anyway. little changes, slowly over time.

two years ago, i was handed a stub and i actually lined up for a free corporate umbrella. my twenty-year-old self would’ve been so ashamed. but then again, my twenty-year-old self never had to pay for an umbrella.

two days ago, my friends and i stopped by the side of the road, got off the car in the rain and crossed the street to buy plants. for ourselves. real plants with green, breathing leaves. if alvin and i don’t kill the ones we bought like we did the pot of basil from his mom, i’m seriously thinking of getting more.

next thing you know, we’ll start stopping by roadside fruit stands too.


pretty plant number 1: bonsai from the pine tree family

pretty plant number 2: rainbow hanging plant (it's supposed to change color when the sun hits the leaves)



2 Comments on “two of three”

  1. Jing Racelis says:

    pretty pretty! good luck to us. i think i wilted the basil.

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