something old, something new (but mostly new)

i’ve lost count of the times alvin and i have said ‘we should eat there one time!’ whenever we would walk or drive past an interesting looking restaurant. we’d keep saying it with each sighting but would always end up eating at the usual places we go to anyway.

case in point, there was this small italian place near where jing and i used to live which we’ve always wanted to try. well, it’s been two years since we first saw it *plus* two more years since jing and i had moved out of that apartment and we still haven’t seen the inside of the place. yes, that’s how bad we are at this!

last friday, we actually made good on our promise to eat at this bagnet place we always drive past on our way home. the place was actually bigger than it looked from the outside, and the inside had all these paintings and other interesting knickknacks on shelves on the walls. a feature wall was filled with graffiti and the tables all had school desk-like carvings on them. very art, haha!

after attacking the bagnet, we decided to continue with our adventurous streak and drove over to rocci, another recipient of our ‘we should eat there one time!’ promises.

a stark contrast to 8065 bagnet’s angsty, indie art vibe, the interiors of rocci were bright and oozed warmth. it’s exactly the kind of place i would escape to on lazy afternoons when i want to just be left alone with a good book and a super yummy, comforting cup of hot chocolate.

bagnet + chocolate = date night!

one thing alvin and i have been on the fence about was whether we should get a christmas tree or not. it’s going to be our first christmas as a married couple in our very first married couple apartment and we thought we should start building traditions. but then there was the question of space, and where the said christmas tree would end up in after the holidays.

so we did an obligatory sweep of the malls’ christmas displays for a small tree — and realized those things were way more expensive than we thought! (400 pesos for a bare, scrawny one-foot plastic tree, sm? really? come on!) so we decided we didn’t really *need* a tree to feel christmasy. besides, it’s one less thing to put away come january, right?

then we were walking across farmer’s market saturday afternoon and there was this small tiangge selling christmas decor and we walked over just to see what’s there and the next thing we knew, alvin had a plastic bag in his hand which had a tree, tinsel and multi-colored lights in it.

our very first christmas tree! bubble head pacquiao guards it.

the lights make me happy, haha!

8065 bagnet: 8065 estrella street, san antonio village, makati

rocci coffee & chocolate: the zone, malugay corner buendia streets, brgy. bel air, makati

farmer’s market christmas tree: tree – 100, tinsel – 20, multi-colored rice lights – 70, topper – 5


2 Comments on “something old, something new (but mostly new)”

  1. Jing Racelis says:

    ooh your xmas tree is cute. baka ganyan na rin balak ko for our house. its an effort to set-up a big xmas tree. and can we eat at the rocci place. it looks delish! im sure they yummy cakes!

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