this time next year

jingy and i have been dreaming of traveling the world for what seems like forever, and this time next year, we plan on being in india for the diwali festival.

diwali is india’s annual five-day festival of lights and next year’s falls on november 13. we’ve read that all cities within the country celebrate the hindu holiday with equal fervor. i’ve been to several indian cities last year for work and i can’t wait to go back and see those colorful saris mixed with magical lights and fireworks.

now that we’ve settled on a place and time, we just need to figure out the how of it.

the strategy is to keep our eyes open for the cheapest flights we could find to a country where we can catch a direct flight to india, and so far, we’ve narrowed it down to either kuala lumpur or singapore. we’ve both been to singapore so we figure kl might be a better (and hopefully cheaper) choice so we can hit two countries in one trip.

also, we both need to have our passports renewed since mine expires in april 2013 and hers even earlier, december 2012. then there’s the tourist visa application, which with luck won’t be very hard to get.

oh, and yes, money to pay for all of the above. 🙂

i’m mostly fairly contented with my life; save for a few bumps, i think i’ve been blessed with a really good one. i have my a-ko, really great close friends, and a wonderful, wonderful husband. i’ve realized though that during those times when hormones overcome my good sense and i become a depressed, insecure crybaby, the people i envied the most were those who have the luxury of money to travel so much so often.

oh, of course i turn a little green and shriveled inside when i see that bag-i-can’t-afford hanging from some society girl’s forearm, but i would give a thousand more of those bags up in an instant if it meant i could regularly go wherever i want in the world at any given time.

okay, okay. that’s not quite realistic, is it? maybe two major trips a year.

fine, two major trips, one local, one international. that’s reasonable, right? and i’m not talking five-star hotel trips here, i’ll be very happy to stay in backpacker hostels as long as i can explore and experience each new place.

often i’ve been tempted to just empty my bank account and go as far as my money would take me. not stop until i’m literally penniless and have become one of those people who beg for transpo money to get back home. fortunately or unfortunately, i’m not built that way; i’m too oc to not make sure i have a plan b.

so while i build up the courage to throw caution to the wind and be a professional wanderer, i do the next best thing- dream, save the best i can, and hope i get to see as much of the world as i can before i’m too old to climb up airplane stairs on my own.


2 Comments on “this time next year”

  1. jing p. racelis says:

    wee! traveltraveltravel! mine is one international and two local trips every year. 😀

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