the great pnr train adventure

the bicol express train is back!

every once in a while during random conversations within my circle of close friends, someone would say, ‘we should take the pnr to bicol and have a great train adventure!’ everyone would promptly agree. just as promptly, the plan would be set aside, to be carried out some time in the future.

different versions of this conversation would be replayed again and again for years.

one weekend, we finally did it. we set a date, spent a quick couple of weeks planning the trip, and just went.

unfortunately, because people’s lives and schedules were complicated, only rt, daniel, alvin and i were able to go.

the plan was to take the friday night train to bicol, spend saturday night at a hotel in naga (which was the last stop), then catch the train back to manila sunday night.

only all the naga hotels we called were full because of the month-long peñafrancia festival and we ended up driving two more hours farther south to legaspi instead.

we were all thrilled to see the mayon, and alvin was especially excited when he realized the cagsawa ruins we were trike-ing towards was the very same one that used to be on the ten-peso bill. our luck held when we got back to manila just when typhoon pedring reached albay. all in all, a good weekend. 🙂

people waiting for the regular pnr commuter train.

we're taking the train to naga!

the tanchuling group of companies in legaspi (they also have a college) and the view from alvin and my room.

on our way to camalig, albay with dindo, our sudden guide from the hotel.

sadly, we had to miss the show.

coke moment while waiting for dindo to find us a trike. yes, we were spoiled city brats, haha.

trike ride to hoyop-hoyopan cave. 6 people + 1 trike = really good bonding time.

please take special note of the 'no dating policy.'

the cave is called hoyop-hoyopan because 'hoyop' means breeze in the local language and it *was* quite breezy inside.

stalactites and stalagmites. the guides refer to the scary looking rock formation in the middle as 'hell boy.'

crystals from the cave. a few of those can now be found dangling from our bags, ahem.

off to daraga, albay to visit the cagsawa ruins.

that giant rock came from the mayon volcano!

rt, daniel, jona, alvin.

smalltalk cafe in legaspi. the pinangat pasta (top right) was really good!

sunday morning view of the mayon volcano. almost-perfect.

back in naga to catch the train back to manila.

that guy better not be pointing at me and laughing. hmp.

i love paint-jellyfishies, hihi!

looking for bigg's diner.

lunch at bigg's, coffee and cake at beanbag coffee.

chug-chugging it back to manila!


*pnr train fare to naga: P548 for the recliner seats, P950 for the sleeper

*pnr train fare to manila: P548 for the recliner seats, P665 for the sleeper (we don’t understand either but you better believe we bought them tickets, haha!)

*travel time: roughly 10 hours each way

*van fare from naga to legaspi and back: P210 each way

*travel time: roughly 2 hours each way


2 Comments on “the great pnr train adventure”

  1. butterfly effect :@ says:

    nice… I like to take this adventure… soon… :>
    nice blog btw…

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