friday night project

our friday nights are usually very exciting; alvin and i would hurdle the friday night traffic, veg out in front of the tv and watch whatever movie or reality show was showing on cable. we’re especially suckers for cooking shows and cooking show permutations and could watch one after the other for hours.

some friday nights, like this one just past, we push the level of excitement even further.

while we were in vietnam, alvin, who has a budding hat addiction, insisted on buying himself a fedora off of a street vendor. the hat itself was beautiful; made of evenly-stitched strips of some kind of natural fiber and light milky brown in color. circling the base of the fedora’s crown was a faux leather band.

the band looked okay from afar, but i kept wanting to pick it apart whenever i got within a foot of it; there was no hiding its fauxness if you were that close.

i brooded and schemed and plotted. finally the idea came: replace the band with fabric from an old tie! easy, cheap and funky!

and so last friday night, alvin and i sacrificed the cooking shows, buckled down and spent a few hours transforming his fedora.

take a bangketa fedora and rip off the offending faux leather band.

dig out an old tie from the baul, rip off the stitches, iron out the folds and then cut into desired width and length.

prep your trusty sewing machine.

if said trusty sewing machine breaks down, take a moment to vent. then call your trusty husband to fix it. snack while he does so.

if repair job fails, bang used-to-be-trusty sewing machine on the wall a few times, grieve, then proceed to plan b: iron in folds instead.

'who needs a sewing machine when you have a hot iron?' i always say.

fedora for him and for her.


4 Comments on “friday night project”

  1. Jing Racelis says:

    you guys are so cute. nahiya naman ako at nag-break down ang regalo namin sa yo nuna.

  2. gusto ko rin ng toy sewing machine! laking pasakit paganahin ang sewing machine ng nanay ko eh. and if it ever broke down, it would take your hand down with it.

    • jona. says:

      ako gusto ko ng semi-totoong sewing machine. somewhere between a toy one and a hardcore na bakal.

      pero ang mas importanteng tanong: dinala mo sa france ang sewing machine ng nanay mo? :O

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