law of magnetism

my childhood refrigerator, like most other childhood refrigerators of my generation, boasted a set of plastic vegetable and fruit magnets. you know the ones i mean: grapes, strawberry, apple, a bunch of bananas, corn, broccoli, carrot.

apart from when i went through a phase wherein i got really fascinated with magnets, i didn’t really think much of them growing up. they were just a bunch of colorful plastic things stuck on the ref, nothing more.

purple, red, red, yellow, yellow, green, orange.

i remember being bored silly whenever i would follow a-ko into some kind of home store and she would spend so much time poring over the various kinds of magnets on display. at some point, the plastic vegetables and fruits were replaced with a rubber ice cream cone, slices of pizza, blocks of bible verses, and touristy knickknacks with legaspi or baguio painted on them.

at the various ports i was at during my short time as a seagirl, i made sure to buy magnets to bring back home.

i got a chonki-smoking, brown rasta man with a painted-on red, yellow and green cap from jamaica, a pot-bellied mexican clutching a bottle of corona from cozumel, a sexy string bikini from miami, and a colorful, ceramic map of the cayman islands (it was the most interesting one i could find).

i hunted these down mostly because i knew a-ko would like the new additions to the ref, and shortly after making room for them on its surface, i paid about as much attention to them as i did their vegetables-and-fruits predecessors.

but maybe refrigerator magnets are one of those things you sort of grow into, like, well, genuinely enjoying eating real vegetables.

you see, since i got my very own adult refrigerator, boom! suddenly, i was obsessed with finding magnets to stick onto its surface, and in the last six months i’ve already acquired a small collection:

  • a couple of scary (interesting) indonesian masks (made in china, bought in 168)
  • a white beetle with yellow windows (from the anik anik section in landmark)
  • a couple of blocks of bible verses from (guess who) a-kochami
  • a wooden anito-like figure which jingy brought back for me from palawan
  • a mini boracay bayong from aloy
  • a mini windmill from when i was at bangui during holy week
  • a list of things you’ll get fined for in singapore
  • a pair of vietnamese kids in traditional vietnamese clothes from hoi an

my favorite though, is the kalesa i spent a good fifteen minutes picking out in a small, crowded store in vigan.

and yes, considerable time has been spent staring at and admiring the adorned appliance.


4 Comments on “law of magnetism”

  1. Jing Racelis says:

    is this your subtle way of telling us to buy you magnets? hehehe.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yes Jona, magnets for the fridge are more than just simple things to pin papers and notes up with. I think that you are absolutely right to promote them! Now you made me realize that I need new ones as well after the kids had a go with the few nice one that were left ha ha šŸ™‚ Cheers! Lisa

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