important things

whenever rt left her house, her dad would ask her where she was going, as parents are wont to do. since january 30 of this year, whenever she said that she was meeting up with me or she was going to my house, her dad would sternly admonish her, ‘isn’t jona already married? you should stop bothering her.’

as a marriage veteran of many, many years, her dad certainly knows that married couples are always busy doing important, married couple things, like grocery shopping (for the first time in my life i actually buy raw meat on a regular basis), or putting said groceries away, or doing the laundry, or folding dry laundry. things like that.

newly married couples like alvin and i are even busier with even more important things, like having romantic dinners every night and engaging in serious, heartfelt discussions about our relationship after the dirty dishes have been washed and put away.

given all these, well, important activities, anybody would understand that although we want to, we just don’t have the time to indulge in silly things like spend time with friends anymore.



2 Comments on “important things”

  1. Jing Racelis says:

    hahaha. you posted it! i so love it. 😀 hehehe.

  2. jona. says:

    it was too good to not share. :p

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