the vietnam honeymoon: hoi an

alvin and i spent the first two days of our honeymoon in hoi an, a charming town in central vietnam.

the place was quaint and beautiful, the people were nice, the food was fantastic. by the end of the first day, we were both in agreement that we needed to somehow think of a way so we can live there permanently.

we’re back in manila and we’re still trying to find a way.

'i am a natural plant. please don't touch me.' a touch snarky, aren't we?

airport pho. not bad.

driving through da nang on our way to hoi an

they gave us the honeymoon suite complete with a pair of kissing towel swans

the streets of hoi an

old town entrance. 'would you please get your entrance ticket' we actually didn't. ahem.

cao lao at the hoi an market. heaven.

happy bamboo root faces

the famous hoi an market banh mi. you can hear the baguette crackle when they slice it.

here and there.

alvin was in beer heaven!

we got matching vietnam tourist hats! haha!

passion fruit juice! crunch, crunch.

we rented bikes for the day and i kept on trying to kill random vietnamese with mine.

bossing vic - the only other pinoy we ran into.

thank you for the skin, random cows!

our last night in hoi an. i was sad because i was sick and couldn't taste what i was eating. vietnamese decolgen to the rescue!

hoang trinh hotel – super highly recommended! everybody was so, so nice and alvin and i really felt well-taken cared of. 😀

5 Comments on “the vietnam honeymoon: hoi an”

  1. jing racelis says:

    the food looks yummy! and i saw lovely boots on the sidewalks!!! gasp!

  2. love the swan towels 😉 buti you learned how to bike..if not iwan ka ni binbin maglakad! =)

  3. jona. says:

    jingy: oh, everything we ate was so, so good! at ang daming boots!!

    joyce: sobra akong amateur biker. laging nagkaka-muntikan na 3-bike pile-up sa mga intersection dahil sakin, haha! buti magaling sila mag-bike at naiiwasan nila ako. :p

  4. Elaine says:

    Hi Jonah! I miss Ha Noi! I was there with my family last May. I still could not forget the great food that we ate!!! Parang everything was so fresh noh?!

    Happy honeymooning 🙂

  5. jona. says:

    hi elaine! i haven’t been to hanoi but i wanna go there din! 😀

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