the flipflop incident

it was already raining when we went to bed and still raining when we woke up, but the greek potato salad has been prepped, the pot filled with spiced chicken couscous lay cooling on the table and beach towels have been shoved into beach bags with other assorted beach paraphernalia.

also, we were desperate to be near a big body of water no matter what.

and so we loaded things and strapped belts on and hoped for the best. turned out, the best amounted to gray skies, strong, foamy waves and cold, cold rain. a few minutes after settling into our ‘cottage,’ i stepped out onto the water’s edge to test just how cold the water was.

i had taken my flipflops off and was bent down, each hand swishing a flipflop around to clear it of sand when i heard jing say something from behind me. i turned to look at her and didn’t even realize my left flipflop was gone until i was looking at my empty left hand.

time elapsed: 3 seconds.

i frantically scanned the water for it, my brain still unsure as to what exactly happened. i saw nothing. nothing. how can something as big as a flipflop disappear in 5-freaking-seconds???

we looked and looked and looked until we were finally forced to accept the fact that the sea ate half of my footwear. i had visions of hopping on one foot all the way back to manila.

a couple of hours later, it was drizzling and we were all lying on the shore, watching the gray waves form and break.

alvin: i think your flipflop is somewhere in that direction. (gestures to our left) see how the waves go towards the left?

me, jing, rt, daniel: um, okay. (i admit, i might have rolled my eyes a little)

after a few minutes.

alvin: maybe i’ll take a walk and see what’s there. (gestures to our left again)

everyone: okay.

a couple more minutes later, we heard a triumphant shout. we turned and stared at alvin, who was running towards us while waving my lost flipflop in the air!

that was the last time i would ever doubt my husband, i tell you.

top to bottom, left to right: crazy typhoon waves. 'i don't understand what happened!', 'my left flipflop's out there somewhere!', reunited!

apart from the flipflop incident, the rest of the day went really well. maybe there’s something to this going to the beach during rainy weather thing. we had so much fun we might do it again! 😀

chilly mcdo breakfast

reminds me of a scene from a stephen king novel

red truck

limited time only

the super nice mang virgil

we didn't want to get wet. ahem

greek potato salad and spiced chicken couscous

tre cafe

i love their hanging wall shelves!

alvin with pots of small plants

left to right: daniel's shirt, wifi password, bottles of tea, inside tre

yum! (the honey bread, not the cactus pots)

avell beach resort, morong bataan                                                                                                   tre cafe, clark pampanga

*b&w photos from the first layout by rt and daniel


2 Comments on “the flipflop incident”

  1. hey! when was this?? bket d kyo nagyayaya ha….

  2. jona. says:

    tagal na nito! balik tayo pag di na tag-ulan. 😀

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