dressing nuna

a little over a week ago, alvin saw this article on yahoo and got such a kick out of it that we decided to try it ourselves. friends and neighbors, i present to you a week of alvin playing fashion god:


according to alvin, he chose these particular pieces because of three reasons: he likes long, flowy skirts on me, he wanted to show off my shoulders and the necklace is a favorite of his.

even with the riot of colors, i actually liked this outfit. i usually wear a looser top with this skirt to hide my tummy but i think the double tank tops work.

full disclosure: alvin is color blind. he initially chose a maroon top to go with the skirt and only scrambled to find an alternative top when he heard my scream of terror.

alvin had a very practical reason for having me wear a skirt that day –i had a gyne appointment, haha!

i liked this outfit as it was, no revisions. i felt a little bare while commuting to and from work though, since one of my loose rules is either bare shoulders or bare legs and very seldom both.

again, this was a practical choice since a typhoon had been hovering over luzon.

i felt like i was back in college! it was very relaxed and comfy but, alas, no match for the rain, which soaked my shoes and jeans from the knees down.

because i got wet from the rain the day before and it was still raining, alvin thought to put me in a short denim skirt and slippers. his logic: even if i got wet, bare legs and rubber slippers dry way quicker than jeans and loafers.

i thought this outfit was very beachy and i loved how it contrasted with the gloomy weather.

full disclosure: the silver-grey headband was my doing.

it was friday and so i was presented with a tank top, capris and rubber sandals.

again, this outfit felt like a day at the beach to me, or a lazy afternoon at the mall spent leeching off of their air conditioning, haha!

alvin has always liked this top, so he thought he’d pair it with a skirt that he hasn’t seen me wear in a while.

i thought it was too much green.

he’d been thinking of what to pair this top with all week, he said.

i loved it! i thought my legs looked longer and thinner because of the denim wedges and in contrast with the ruffled top.

full disclosure: this day was collaboration day and we went through at least 2 outfit changes before we settled on one we were both very happy with.


in conclusion and despite my faint apprehension at the beginning of this little experiment, it was actually fun to have someone pick your clothes out for you everyday; sort of like an adventure every morning. it was also interesting to see how alvin made me wear skirts most of the week, and how he was never remiss in choosing a pair of earrings to go with each outfit.


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