yogurts and jason magbanua

i have always been a fan of jason magbanua‘s work, so when i saw a link to his site on my facebook news feed yesterday, i clicked and browsed. at the very bottom of his page, it said:

‘This is the fine print and if you’re still reading, that means you’re paying attention. Email me your favorite yogurt flavor and I will send you a token of appreciation.’

and so just for the heck of it, i did.

and then i promptly forgot about it until this arrives in my inbox today and sends me into waves of excited anticipation:

now i can’t wait til the mysterious gift arrives! 😀

funny thing though, i don’t think he thought anybody would actually email him their favorite yogurt flavor –either that or that anybody would read the fine print– because when i went back to his site today, there was a slight copy revision:


2 Comments on “yogurts and jason magbanua”

  1. thinking of sending me mace for your condo neighbor. =)

    You are so fun to read!

    PS. I changed the footer because I already got two locals and one Mexican sending their fave yoghurt flavors. I didn’t want to pawn my middle child to pay for all the tokens if they come by the hundreds.

  2. jona. says:

    omigad! jason magbanua found my blog! (okay, that may be because i put your name in the title, but never mind that. :p)

    mace for my neighbor, haha!

    thank you for saying that i am a fun read, i try. i hope you’re not just being inherently polite. 🙂

    about pawning your middle child, depends i guess, has he/she been behaving lately?

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