one mediterranean night

today, i am going to show you how to cook a mediterranean meal. now, i know how to do this because i watched alvin make it last night, haha!

the menu, friends and neighbors:

  • couscous salad
  • spiced meat patties
  • home-made hummus
  • stove-top grilled naan

first, the hummus. these are what you’ll need:

sesame seeds and olive oil (to make tahini), canned chick peas, garlic and lemon

drain the chick peas (but save the chick pea water) and start grinding til they're all mashed and sticky

do the same to the garlic, mix it in with the mashed chick peas then add some chick pea water and half a lemon's juice

now, to make tahini, toast the sesame seeds til their oils come out (this *really* smells good!), mash them up as well then add olive oil

add a couple of teaspoons of tahini to the chick pea mixture, stir and serve with more olive oil and grilled naan

now, to make the meat patties, you’ll need some ground beef and pork, ground cumin, ground oregano, onions, an egg and some salt.

just mix everything up then form into small oblong-shaped patties

pan fry and serve!

we come to my most favorite part of the meal, the couscous. now, alvin and i have seen couscous on tv on numerous occasions, but only just recently came in contact with these fabulous, fabulous tiny grains made of semolina flour in real life.

based on the countless blank stares we’ve gotten from various attendants in various supermarkets, couscous are actually a bit hard to describe, since they look so much like rice but are actually kind of like really small, round pasta.

by itself, it’s as neutral as steamed rice and the things you could do with couscous are practically endless. the first time we cooked it, we just added boiling chicken stock, fluffed and served it with lamb chops. then we tried it with bacon and some chopped coriander leaves, which was a meal in itself.

for last night though, alvin found a couscous recipe with tomatoes, cucumbers and scallions which was so light it was perfect to pair with meat.

just chop everything and mix with fluffed couscous. yum!

more than an hour of kitchen flurry later, jing, alvin and i sat down to this:


the view from the top of the refrigerator



3 Comments on “one mediterranean night”

  1. Hey Jona, this looks good. Can’t wait to try your recipe.:) Thanks for sharing! -pol

  2. alvin says:

    nalula ako. gusto ko subukan lahat

  3. jona. says:

    pol and alvin: subukan nyo! 😀

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