here, fishy fishy!

after years of staunchly refusing to buy a camera (and being in most of the photos taken within those years as a result :p), i finally gave in a couple of weeks ago and got us a canon point-and-shoot.

it was a semi-impulse buy, since i’ve already been toying with the idea of getting one for the past couple of months. it’s just that all the researching about which one to pick gave me such a headache and reminded me of some of the numerous reasons why i’ve been living camera-free for the longest time, that i had to stop.

since i had no desire to jump onto the dslr craze (and for the last time, no, the ability to own and brandish a big, bulky, top-of-the-line dslr does *not* make you a photographer. yes, i’m talking to you, random person walking back and forth boni high street with big, bulky, top-of-the-line dslr slung on your neck.), i wasn’t really looking for anything fancy, just a good, cheap point-and-shoot i can carry around with me everyday.

if at one point i had thought this would be an easy thing to do, i now know better.

specs, price, reviews of cameras vis a vis hundreds of others almost like it but superior or inferior in the littlest of ways; it was too much. and it didn’t help that a new model seems to come out every other month, all shiny and scratch-free, whose sole purpose, i suspect, is to make you feel bad about the now-ancient one you bought a month ago.

just as i was ready to give up and resume my life sans camera, jing and i walked into sm makati via the mrt bridgeway, past a camera display case, and i fell in love.

self-portrait (the camera's, not mine)

the canon a1200 has many endearing features, but they all pale in comparison with its most important (and, frankly, what made my heart go a-flutter) feature of all, the built-in– are you ready for this? — fish eye lens.


2 Comments on “here, fishy fishy!”

  1. jona. says:

    me too! ang guess what! it also has other filters i had no idea were there all this time until i read an a1200 review! (yes, yes. i read the review *after* i bought the camera. that’s just how i roll.)

    – miniature effect (tilt shift-y)
    – toy camera (lomo-ish)
    – monochrome
    – poster

    okay, the last 2 are kind of lame, but i love the miniature effect! mas favorite ko na sya kesa kay fish eye, hehe. 😀

    anyway, enough about my camera, how are the wedding preps? 😀

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