the perks of condo living

dear neighbor,

i would be the first to agree that i am not the most neighborly of neighbors.

i do not go around sharing adobo or pancit on my birthday. i do not go out of my way to know what goes on behind the other doors beside and across mine. i do not stop along hallways to chat about my day and ask about yours.

i’d like to think though that i am, if nothing else, a considerate neighbor. when i have people over, i try to make sure you do not lose sleep because of the loud thumpthump or chatterchatter coming from my unit. i contain any and all activities concerning me and whoever else i live with within our four walls. and most importantly, i do not leave my trash for collection anywhere near anybody else’s door but mine.

you, however, have not been very considerate which has made me unhappy. very unhappy.

loud parties once in a while, i can forgive. shrieking children, while annoying, is certainly understandable. but the very conscious act of putting your bag of garbage *numerous* *times* across my door, this just isn’t right.

is it because you have such disgusting filth in those bags that you want them as far away from you as possible? are you one of those people who gets pleasure from pissing other people off? are you just so completely clueless that it didn’t occur to you that what you did was rude and just plain *wrong*?

whatever your reasons, my patience is running thin, so thin i can actually see right through it under certain light. now, because my good husband wouldn’t let me break down your door so i can get at you with a hefty fry pan, i had to be content with this mode of action:

know that this is me being as nice and patient as i can — two virtues i have very little reserve of. said plainly, if you don’t stop putting your fucking trash across my front door, i will bang on your door, tower over you and start screaming at your stupid face until my voice gives out.

trust me, i am big and i can do this.




2 Comments on “the perks of condo living”

  1. alvin says:

    Hay naku, buti ka pa nga condo at least once mo lang lalagyan ng note and mahihiya na sila. mga neighbors namin dito eh sobrang kapal. Every afternoon may karaoke session sila with matching mispronounced lyrics and awful voices. Tapos mga batang marurungis. Alam mo yun, parang kung anak mo sila ikakahiya mong ganun sila kadumi. Ang ingay. Tapos ang rurumi nila lahat ng basura tapon ke tapon. So am really so getting my own house on an island, or whatever version of it i could afford.

  2. jona. says:

    horror! hate na hate ko ang any form of -oke! i mean, i understand if you want to sing and as far as i’m concerned, you can sing for 24 hours in your house if you want to, but do you really have to force everyone within a 10 mile radius to listen??? argh!

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