banmi beach

i finally made it to the beach!

okay, i know that it’s only april and that technically, summer’s only just begun, but with last year’s wedding preps and the actual wedding early this year and work, work, and more work (!) it really felt like i’ve been imprisoned within metro manila’s four walls of buildings, billboards, smog and stress for at least a decade.

i’ve been craving blue skies, fluffy clouds, fine sands and balmy breezes for so long that at times, it seemed like these things were just products of my imagination, and when my saturday suddenly opened up, there was no other choice but to run to the nearest beach as fast as i could.

granted, it was a bit overcast, but the sun did peep through a few times and i wasn’t going to complain, especially since the universe pointed our way to this little, unpopulated, cheap resort a few meters down the flashy, expensive ones with pools.

the owner, a pinoy US navy man, was very friendly and accommodating, and the place was perfect for day trips! cool bamboo structures with nipa roofs, clean shower stalls, fresh patch of sand.

alvin and i spent the day basically, um, sleeping. and then on our way home, we stopped by a random sari-sari store in the morong town proper for halo-halo –and discovered what probably is the only place in the whole of bataan which sells banmi.

avell beach resort                                                                                                                       morong, bataan

raven store, right across the roman catholic church


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