the adventure begins

i’ve never really had a dream wedding. other girls had their weddings planned in their heads down to the minute crease of the table napkin, but when alvin and i got engaged and people started asking me about wedding motifs, the most i could come up with was ‘fun.’

six months into the engagement and i was frantically googling wedding sites for inspiration. and *then* the problem became how to edit all the inspiration i got; i saw and wanted to incorporate so many beautiful, beautiful things! never mind that they didn’t really go together.

with the help of amazing family and friends, and after seemingly endless months of falling in and out of love with various decor elements, of sourcing anywhere and everywhere for every little thing, of obsessing over ten million DIY projects, and of fearing imminent nervous breakdowns every other week, i think alvin and i did fine. 😀

alvin+jona / january 30, 2011 / sonya’s garden


photography: R.A.W. really awesome weddings (except photo of the photowall, courtesy of jef carnay)

click here for our engagement photos.

7 Comments on “the adventure begins”

  1. jing p. racelis says:

    lovely wedding nuna. i have never been so involved in a wedding this much. kulang na lang ikasal na din ako. i just need to find my groom. hahaha.

  2. Jemps says:

    fabulous, fabulous pix! everyone and everything looked amazing! tumpak ang fun theme mo, jona! u looked beautiful, n everything looked perfect. congrats n best wishes to you both!!!

  3. jona. says:

    jingy: haha! na-default volunteer ang wescrew. :p we will be just as hands-on when it’s your turn! hihi!

    jemps: salamat! we just wanted a fun, laid-back wedding and i think we succeeded! hehe.

    by the way, i found the photogs from your wedding posts! galing nila! 😀

  4. eliza and elmer says:

    elmer and i are truly happy for the both of you. pag nakita mo ang mga pictures, lalo na kung kilala mo ang mga taong ikinasal, masasabi mo talagang masayang-masaya kayo. enjoy the ride. it is truly amazing and wonderful knowing that you have each other.

    ingat palagi.

  5. jona. says:

    elij at elmer! salamat! 😀

  6. alvin says:

    proof positive you’re not really a lesbian. as i’ve thought you were. but that doesn’t discount the idea that you’re bi. lolz.

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